Monica Johnson

Thank you for coming to my site! 

This journey I have been on for “The Inner Dialog” has been a long time in the making and, by the grace of God, He has allowed me to bring it to a point that I can share with many more people.

I was raised going to church every week.  As I struggled through those difficult years of growing up (my father left when I was 8, my brother struggled with many problems that affected the family, we encountered financial problems, I had depression, etc.), it was my mom’s faith in God and my own faith that got me through. I remember even from an early age that I felt a strong sense of the presence of God, even though I would go onto some difficult times and choices that didn’t allow for me to experience the peace and freedom of walking closely with Him.  However, He was always there.  He was just waiting for me to come to Him and bring everything to Him – even the things I thought I could manage better than He could – so He could give me that peace I so desperately needed.  At a very difficult time in my early adulthood, I remember looking up at the ceiling and saying, “Okay, God, I give up. You take my life and do with it what you want.  I haven’t been able to do it my way – I’ve made a mess – so I surrender to you.”  I’ll never forget the peace I had that night.  It truly was a beginning of my way up and out of the pit.

There would still be more years before I would actually come into the relationship that I now share with my Savior.  However, as I look back, I see all the ways He drew me to Him and never gave up on me.  In His mercy and grace, He would reveal more and more to me about who is He – as much as I wanted to know – and what He wanted me to know about myself.  Of course, this is a process that continues and will not be complete this side of Heaven.    I have come to treasure above all else my relationship with Him, and it’s my desire that everyone I know could experience the gift that only He can give.

As I was struggling during those coming of age years, I decided that I wanted to study Psychology. I ended up earning Bachelor’s Degrees in both Behavioral Science and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology.  I also worked on a suicide and crisis hotline. I became very interested in the area of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and went on to become a Consultant and Behavioral Health Educator where I’ve taught skills on resilience, overcoming depression, dealing with anxiety, managing stress, etc. During my college years, I also began a quest to know who the true God is.  I needed to find out if the Bible was true, whether other religions are the same as Christianity, (yes and no) etc.  What I discovered was that God was orchestrating all of the events in my life (my own pain and my academic and spiritual discoveries) to bring together the “Inner Dialog” work where I’ve combined time tested tools for overcoming all kinds of adversities (CBT) with the power of God’s Word.  The Lord cares a lot about how we think (For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he, Proverbs 23:7a; Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.-Romans 12:2a), and it is in the area of our minds that we have either the greatest victories or defeat.